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227 Products
227 Products
Halloween is coming and pumpkin is one of the most popular symbols this time of year. Now, a special type of pumpkin is on sale, it's a red pumpkin with special LED candle light set inside. This red pumpkin is a decorative ornament made of paper carton, it has a hollow center to set a LED candle light. When the light is put in and turn on, the red pumpkin will become incredibly gorgeous and magical, it will be a perfect decoration for this Halloween night. The LED candle light is safe for indoor use, it won't generate an open flame or too much heat. Before the night falls, you can keep the light inside the pumpkin to make it full of mystery. When it's Halloween evening, just carry the red pumpkin outside, turn it on and it will be the enchanter of the night. The red pumpkin is beautifully designed, its exterior is made of high-quality paper carton, it's light weight and created a perfect 3D effect. The surface is painted with custome designs to create evening more atmosphere and mystery. The LED candle lights come in warm colors, it's energy-saving and produces soft warm light, ideal for creating a magical atmosphere. Buy it now for this coming Halloween and enjoy its beauty!
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