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227 Products
227 Products
Halloween is coming and this festive season should not be complete without some decorations. Now, you can decorate your space with the Hot Sale Halloween Led Candle Light Red Pumpkin. This beautiful and colorful piece of art will bring vibrancy to your home and décor. It features 12 flickering LED bulbs with seven different illumination patterns for a spooky and magical atmosphere. Made from the durable plastic material with exquisite artwork, the Red Pumpkin is a cute decor item that can cheer up any spot. The energy-saving LED bulbs last up to 150,000 hours and they are operated with two AA batteries for your convenience. Apart from its portability, you can also use the Red Pumpkin to display your love for art or just place it on your table as a centerpiece for your next Halloween party. The Hot Sale Halloween Led Candle Light Red Pumpkin is not only a beautiful decoration but also a great way to bring the holiday spirit alive in your home. It will be perfect for any age group and remind you of all the fun and joy that comes with this special festival of the year.
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