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187 Products
Night light, also known as night lamp, have a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. It is developed to provide light during the night and help children to sleep better in the dark. In general, night lights emit a soft and calming light that can brighten the dark without being too stimulating for a sleepy child. Besides, it can also add some extra security for adults who may not want to stub their toes in the darkness. Most night lights produce a reddish hue or a warm yellowish hue that is gentle on the eyes. Some even have a built-in auto timer which can be programmed to switch off after a certain number of hours, thus saving energy and cost. Moreover, night lights can be used beyond the bedroom. You can set up one in the living room, stairway, hallway and other areas to keep the family safe during the night time. It is also a great safety feature to install when traveling in unknown places. With multiple design and application, night lights will definitely play a part in making your home a little more inviting and cozy for the whole family.
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