Night Lights, Retro Creative Rechargeable Kerosene Lamp (can Be Blown Out) Pink Wholesale-Best Night Lights Wholesale On Sale

227 Products
227 Products
Introducing the Retro Creative Rechargeable Kerosene Lamp – pink edition! This unique lamp brings a unique retro style to any room, while being the perfect accessory for any modern home. This lamp is powered by rechargeable kerosene, which means it can be used time and time again without any wasteful trips to the store. And, since it runs on a low wattage, it is not only economical but also very eco-friendly. No more fossil fuels! The lamps unique design features a hand-painted pink finish. This makes it perfect for adding a bit of vintage flair and personality to any room. The lamp stands tall and slender, bringing grace and charm to any corner. The lamp has a secure lid with a handle on the top and a mouthpiece at the bottom. To light the lamp, simply blow into the mouthpiece. To turn off the light, simply blow out the flame. This makes it the perfect lamp for kids as it is super easy and safe to operate. The Retro Creative Rechargeable Kerosene Lamp is a great way to bring a unique, retro feel to a modern home. And with its easy and safe operation, it is the ideal lamp for kids. Pink edition is now available for wholesale, at a great price. Get yours today!
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