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471 Products
Sad light therapy lamp is an effective and simple solution to the many problems associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The specialised light box produces a weighted spectrum to counteract the changes in day-length associated with the winter season, stimulating the production of serotonin and alleviating the symptoms of SAD. Research has indicated that individuals engaged in light therapy demonstrated a stronger response than those who used antidepressants alone, and was thought to be as effective in some cases. Light therapy also carries the advantage of being free of side-effects, unlike some medications. Sad light therapy lamps are available in most department stores, pharmacies and supermarkets in different models and versions, suitable for a range of budgets. For those who wish to buy in bulk, however, there are also wholesale suppliers who offer discounts on buying in larger quantities. Wholesale suppliers of Sad light therapy lamps should carry out stringent and regular testing on their products to ensure that they are as powerful as advertised. Many lights use filters to reduce the minimum exposure to the ultraviolet spectrum, which can be harmful to individuals with certain skin types or eyes. Some wholesale suppliers also offer educational resources for those who wish to make an informed decision and understand more about the product, including scientific journals and specialist literature. Such information can be particularly useful for those who have sensitive skin or are using the light for any other purpose than SAD. Today, Sad light therapy lamps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those experiencing the symptoms of SAD. With the help of an experienced wholesale supplier, it's possible to secure premium quality equipment at discounted prices that can help to make those dark days of winter just a little bit brighter.
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