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471 Products
The Retro Creative Rechargeable Kerosene Lamp is an extremely stylish, modernly designed portable lantern that looks great and does a great job putting out light. It is made from ABS, PC and other durable materials, and is designed to give a unique, retro feel. The lamp features a rechargeable battery that can be easily recharged through the included USB charging cable. This means that you can carry the lamp with you and easily recharge it wherever you go. The lamp is perfect for camping, providing 14 hours of continuous light on a full charge. It also comes with a fan that will help to keep the air cool, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities on a hot summer day. The lamp is also equipped with a built-in emergency light, which will help to guide you in the dark. Additionally, it has a unique feature that enables it to be blown out. You simply turn the knob located on the side, cover it with your hands and push the switch to blow out the flame quickly and safely. The Retro Creative Rechargeable Kerosene Lamp is available in a range of fun colours, including pink. It also makes a great gift for those who enjoy camping, as it will make their outdoor expeditions a lot more convenient. With its classic design, it adds a unique touch to any space, and its stylish, creative look is sure to catch the eye of anyone who passes by it. So if youre looking for a practical lamp that is not only stylish and useful but also safe and exciting, this is the lamp for you.
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