About Us

EMPTYOO's vision is to create a more conscious, comfortable, and beautiful world. With a passionate approach to masterly design, we preserve icons of the past while creating the classics of tomorrow, bringing you a collection infused with enduring qualities that work to connect people and places.


Our products grace thousands of the finest restaurants, hotels, resorts, and private homes in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our latest generation of cordless lamps features our advanced LED technology and proven hardware, and it's accompanied by a new range of beautifully designed diffusers crafted in resin, timber, metal, glass, and polymer.

Today, we concentrate on quality design, function, and construction, all backed by solid customer service.


When founder and owner Steve Gothe built his first house and founded EMPTYOO in 1984, our mission was to create original luminaires of the highest quality construction and design.

With an eye for detail and a penchant for process improvement, Steve created a fail-safe approach to selecting the right lighting fixture for the first time and helped countless homeowners learn the lighting design concepts.

Soon after, Steve brought his passion and approach online so that you can accomplish designer-grade results with minimal stress or difficulty.

This led to a new online facility and warehouse, from which Steve could serve the country with his new home improvement vision.


Unlike many online home goods retailers that leave you to figure it out on your own, our award-winning lighting and service experts bring the depth and breadth of knowledge to keep you from ordering a dated chandelier, a lamp that's too big, or an outdoor porch light that can't weather the storm.

And unlike the big box home improvement stores, our lighting designs are hand-selected for their distinct designs and quality, so they truly stand out from the crowd!


We know the impact lighting has within your home. We also know that choosing new lighting on your own can seem daunting.

When you shop with EMPTYOO, not only will you have exceptional styles to choose from, but you'll also gain confidence knowing:

  • Product Quality & Value
    We appreciate beauty and craftsmanship and hand-select each lighting design so you don't waste time with lighting below your standard for quality and value.
  • Connection
    We have a passion for collaboration, plus an unwavering commitment to personal care that is thorough and, most importantly, relational.
  • Commitments
    We offer free worldwide express shipping and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our utmost ambition, even after the sale.

  • Free Shipping

    Free international express shipping

  • Hand Selected

    Top trending designs of the highest quality and best value

  • Safe & Secure Checkout

    We value your privacy and enjoy our secure checkout

  • Money Back Guarantee

    30 days money back guarantee