Why Lighting is Important to Creating A Sleep Sanctuary


Sleep is more than just a time for our bodies to rest and recover. Studies show that not allowing your body to receive quality sleep can heavily impact your quality of life during waking hours.

We take the time to thoughtfully pick out design elements for other spaces in the home to make it cozy, warm, and inviting, such as the living area or dining space. But our bedroom space can often neglect critical elements that should make it a sleep sanctuary conducive to rest.

And with everyday life getting busier in different ways, we often find ourselves sacrificing our sleep or finding it difficult to “rest.” Neglecting a sleep-inducing bedtime routine that encourages quality sleep also impacts our health.

So how can we create a space of calm and rest? And did you know that the choice of home lighting in your bedroom can affect the quality of sleep you receive?


Official health advice recommends that average adults get 7-9 hours of sleep. But if your sleep quality is poor, you may still feel tired after getting what should be considered enough. Conversely, if you’re getting good quality sleep, you may manage better with a little less.

Creating a comfortable space that induces good-quality sleep is critical to improving sleep. And making the perfect sleep sanctuary will help you commit to a bedtime routine that will cause proper rest and recovery. And picking out the right lighting can provide your mind with the rest reset it needs.


Consider why you get good quality rest on holiday or what makes the luxury hotel room conducive to good sleep. The elements found away from home should be incorporated into your bedroom so you are welcomed into your sleep sanctuary every night.


Excess light exposure can disrupt your circadian rhythm, particularly right before bedtime. Avoiding bright light can help you transition to rest and contribute to your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

The excessive use of smart devices and mobile phones has been associated with poor sleep quality. Exposure to bright room lights and energy-saving lights can prevent you from falling asleep quickly and peacefully. Devices can also over-stimulate your mind and eyes, suppressing the natural production of melatonin needed before sleep. Having a TV in the bedroom that allows binge-watching favorite shows before bedtime also impacts sleep quality.

Instead, schedule an hour each night before you lie down to “start” your bedtime routine. This means turning off all bright lights and logging off all devices, including your phone, so your eyes, mind, and body are better prepared for “rest.”


The home lighting you choose for any space will influence the ambiance and mood you want to achieve. Opting for soft, dim lights in your sleep sanctuary can create a sense of calm. Allowing yourself to be immersed in gentle, muted lighting can signify to your body that it is time to ease into rest gently.

Also, consider using stylish blackout curtains or blinds to prevent the early sunrise from waking you up before you need to.

Styling your bedroom space with a cordless bedside lamp that provides a soft downlight or transcendent glow will be the staple design piece that completes your sleep sanctuary perfectly.

Wireless table lamps also provide a minimalist design that should be a key element in your bedroom space to eliminate the clutter and chaos of a busy day. Keeping your bedroom space minimalist and clutter-free allows for a more sleep-inducive space.

Our cordless lamps can provide that perfectly soft and muted lighting for your bedroom space. Our lights perform beautiful dimming options to illuminate your sleep sanctuary perfectly. You can find a range of Australian-made bedside lamps in designs to match the aesthetics and mood of your bedroom while simultaneously welcoming a gentle end to the day.