Salt Lamp Benefits & Tips

Do salt lamps have health benefits, or are they a hoax? - It may not be your fault if you feel tired, lack focus, or just plain exhausted - it can be the air you breathe. With smog, negative ions, and ozone, today's air quality is much worse than it used to be. Your well-being is significantly affected by the air quality - air contaminated with a higher and higher number of (harmful) positive ions, such as a TV's voltage discharge, cooling, heating systems, radios, computers, cell phones, and other toxic emissions. Too many positive ions may lead to your emotional and physical health degradation.

But the question is, how can you avoid these contaminants without expensive, high-powered industrial filters? What if you could eliminate toxins from the air naturally?

Why use an Ionic Himalayan Salt Lamp?

  1. Increase your productivity -- When your respiratory system is bogged down with harsh environmental contaminants, is it any wonder you feel lethargic and are easily distracted? Salt lamp users have reported sharper, more focused minds, with more oxygen in the brain.
  2. Increased Brain Power -- More toxin-free oxygen to your brain lets you say goodbye to mental blocks and fatigue and allows your creative juices to flow. Perfect for a student dorm room or home office--wherever relaxation is required! Give yourself or someone you care about a gift from Mother Nature herself -- give a salt lamp.
  3. Each Lamp is Unique -- Every Himalayan Salt Lamp is hand-made from salt deposits from the Himalayan Mountains--this means no two lamps are alike, so take pride in your one-of-a-kind table lamp.


  • Crystalline rock salt is a natural ionizer. Rock salt crystals and lamps effectively improve the air quality by producing negative ions -- the 'vitamins of the air.'
  • Each lamp has been carefully hand-crafted of natural salt crystal from the Himalayan Mountains and is a one-of-a-kind
  • The soft and comforting orange glow
  • salt lamps are Safely warm to the touch -- the salt dissipates the heat from the light bulb, producing a gentle and comfortable warmth
  • These natural ionizers are perfect for use in student dorm rooms, home offices, or anywhere you wish to improve concentration and reduce fatigue
  • Salt lamps are natural, holistic products that benefit many users anecdotally. Salt lamps have not been approved, tested, or researched by the FDA, so they have not been scientifically verified to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Salt Lamp - Salt Crystal Lamps From Himalayan Foot Hills

Go organic with a stunning salt lamp or two in your home! LampsUSA offers a unique way of keeping your home lit with salt lamps and a guaranteed curiosity that your neighbors and guests will love! These innovative lighting products utilize salt crystals from the Himalayan foothills to hold light bubs. The salt crystals form fascinating designs on the creamy base and are points of interest in themselves. Impress visitors with your know-how on salt lamp production and its significance to alternative medicine.


So Do Salt Lamps Do all they Claim?

Truthfully the science is inconclusive. Most evidence is anecdotal, and extensive masked studies are not complete. But here is what we know.

  • Many people swear they feel better with their salt lamp turned on.
  • They are a great accent lamp, so your home will look better even if the medical claims are uncertain. And for that reason, we endorse them and have them in our homes.
  • On top of adding personality to your home, salt lamps are also believed to work on negative ions in the immediate environment. On the other hand, salt lamps provide a soft glow ideal for accent lighting. Place them on a bookshelf with the family portraits or the nightstand beside your bed. They go well with brown, orange, and green tones or any home décor that utilizes neutral earth tones. Attractive Salt lamps add an undeniable sense of beauty to any place and even introduce an air of serenity reminiscent of Oriental-inspired lighting fixtures.
  • Salt lamps can come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from big or small salt lamps and variations in color palettes. Choose from various sizes—circles that signify continuity to geometric designs that exude balance. With salt lamps, EMPTYOO indulges your need to get creative on a new level.