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471 Products
471 Products
Lighting is an important part of home decoration. It can set the overall atmosphere of the room and dramatically affect the look and feel of a room. Therefore, selecting the right lighting is very important. If your living room has a high ceiling, you can use a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. Hang some pendant lights or recessed lights with warm white shade to illuminate the space. Then, advantage track lighting for task or focused lighting in certain area to highlight artwork or focal points. Lastly, bring in a floor or table lamp to offer accent lighting. In the bedroom, choose a soft and warm light with lower brightness, and use lighting that allows you to adjust the intensity and the direction of the light. That way, you can create the perfect ambiance for reading, relaxation or any other activities. In the bathroom, choose a bright but subtle light that illuminates the bathroom without making it overly bright. You can place light fixtures or environmental lights on the ceiling or around mirrors, and install colorful tiles that can act as light reflectors. In the dining room, choose a bright and light source of illumination and focus it over your dining table. Specialty pendant lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the dimmer switch can be adjusted to set the perfect mood. When selecting lighting, consider color temperature, current trends, room size and layout, as well as the type of furniture and decorations before making a purchase. With the right lighting, youll be able to create the atmosphere you desire in your home.
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