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471 Products
471 Products
Lighting refers to the action of providing light, either in the form of natural sunlight or artificial lighting, to an area or a space. Lighting can be used to improve the looks of a room or to provide adequate visibility for a person to be able to perform a task. Lighting may be natural or artificial. Natural lighting is typically provided by sunlight or the moonlight, and it is usually considered to be the most cost effective form of lighting for living areas and work spaces. Artificial lighting, which is the most commonly used type of lighting, includes any type of man-made lighting sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, or LED lights. Lighting can also be classified as either ambient lighting or task lighting. Ambient lighting is more generic, and it provides overall lighting to a space without providing a specific focus. Task lighting is specifically designed to provide light that is focused on one certain area or task, such as a workstation. This type of lighting can be perfect for creating a better lighting solution for workers and students in their respective jobs or studies. No matter what type of lighting is used, it should always be done with safety in mind, since inadequate and even too much lighting can create various safety issues. The right hanging height and brightness levels should also be taken into consideration when deciding on the best lighting solution for a particular space. Lighting can be an important part of any interior design and should be given proper consideration to achieve the desired effect.
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